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Project Description
An example for drawing to an PCD8544 LCD (Nokia 5110) display attached to the raspberrypi GPIO pins with Mono (C#) using the wiring pi wrapper

With this code you can
- draw a bitmap to the screen (so you can draw anything to that bitmap with the standard System.Drawing)

- use 5 patterns of dithering (source:, so you can actually work with a grayscale image, and it will convert it to the LCD output with a (positionally stable) dither filter

Based on Info about how you should be wiring the LCD pins to the GPIO pins of the raspberry pi can also be found there.

The wiringpi wrapper is originally from, but the wiring pi I checked out and built didn't match the method names, so I had to change the entry points slightly. I've included the wiring pi libraries so you don't need to build wiringpi yourself.

Screenshot of form simulation (to test the actual bitmap output):

Short video showing it in action (before I added dithering):

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